Purpose of establishment

The purpose of jazzercise and aerobic federation is to spread sports nationwide in order to enhance our nation's mental health, and to create a sound sports-oriented society as well as increase the welfare of our nation by exploiting jazzercise and aerobic apt to our physical condition and culture.
Also, it aims to contribute to world peace through jazzcise and aerobic, and help leaders cultivate their genuine leadership and serviceable mind-set via systematic educational training of martial arts. Furthermore, this federation, seeking to play a vital role in modern society, will continually cultivate leadership with a wholesome consciousness of health as well as an indomitable will and a strong sense of responsibility.
This federation, on the basis of human anatomical study and its theory, fosters an able man of character with intelligence, virtue, and robust body by exploiting and planning jazzercise and aerobic. The purpose of this body, also, lies in creating a health-promoting social atmosphere by delving into the study of jazzercise and aerobic, while spreading them throughout the world. And it also aims to make people perceive the meaning of their significant identities committed to the peace of our nation and the world.


This body aims to spread jazzercise and aerobic home and abroad as a means of living sports, to contribute to the promotion of nation's health, to cultivate leadership by establishing the education center in the districts required in the nation.


1. jazzercise education and training
2. aerobic education and training
3. study and development of jazzercise and aerobic
4. seminar for development of jazzercise and aerobic
5. granting a qualification and promotion examination for the spread of jazzercise
6. granting a qualification and promotion examination for the spread of aerobic
7. granting a qualification and promotion examination for the spread of living jazzercise
8. international exchange affairs
9. requisite affairs adequate to the purpose of body


short-term plan

-technical exchange with foreign federations
-technical exchange with universities
-forming a nationwide jazzercise examination association
-enlightenment for nationwide educational institutes to participate in volunteer work
-visiting rehabilitation center and nursery, and the establishment of sisterhood
-participating in social volunteer work
-helping the needy, and linking them to the establishment of sisterhood

long-term plan

-establishing an international center
-raising scholarship fund
-building a housing complex
-participating in welfare business


having more than 60 domestic branches, and 30 foreign branches
with 100,000 special members, 1,2000 staffs, total 102,700