10, 09 initiated the international aerobic studying academy
10, 09 promoted the business and spread of aerobic population


06,03 held the 1st seminar for aerobic leader (Bando youths hotel)
08,25 held an initiation meeting
09,05 held the 1st general meeting to initiate an international founding federation
10,11 registered as an international aerobic federation and approved (competent office)
11,07 held the 1st education seminar for aerobic leaders
12,13 held the '89 national aerobic leaders' night event (Songhyeon club, conference room, Hanguk-ihl Bo building)


02,16 - 02,27 participated in leader's education training invited by U.S aerobic federation(A.F.A.A)

02,24-03, 28 participated in leader's education training invited by Japan aerobic federation
05,31 held the 1st married national women's aerobic championship and female aerobic contest(Moon-hwa gym.)
06,02 initiated a domestic university aerobic federation (affiliated body)
06,06 - 06.16 participated in the leader's education training of U.S aerobic federation's invitation, and viewed the world championship in San Diego
06, 18 formed a national leader's federation(affiliated body)
07,02 formed a national leader's federation (affiliated body)
07,09 formed a military and police visiting performance team
07,20 held a summer training camp (the Han-tan river)
08,01 formed a contingent international aerobic federation(I.A.F)
10,10 hosted a national female's living gymnastic contest for the 1st cup of the minister of sports ('88 gym.)
10,15 formed an international aerobic federation (I.A.F) promoting committee
12,29 held a national aerobic night event to commemorate the establishment of international aerobic federation


03, 01 - 03,05 participated in Japan aerobic federation, and watched the World cup

05, 18 held a national female's living sports contest for the 2nd cup of minister of sports

05, 25 formed an international aerobic federation

05, 27 - 06, 06 participated in the '91 world aerobic contest in Nashville, U.S, and took an education training.

06, 30 held a national aerobic contest (Chung-buk gym.)
11, gave a lecture for Jin-ju citizens (Jin-ju city Olympic center)

02, 23 held a workshop to mark the world aerobic champion's visit to Korea (Olympic center)
03, 21 held an aerobic work exhibition (Olympic center, Gu-mi city)
04,11-12 the 2nd workshop of world aerobic champion
04, 29 held the '92 aerobic festival (Jin-ro department store, Cheong-ju city)
05, 31 held the 3rd international championship, and married national women's contest (Chung-buk gym.)
05, 31 held a married national woman's gymnastic contest, and the 3rd cup of minister of sports and youth
06, 05 held a married national women's gymnastic contest, and the 3rd cup of minister of sports and youths

07,19- 07, 22 participated in the world aerobic championship, and took a training course (Las vegas, U.S)

10, 17 held a lecture and an exhibition of fantastic Gongsudo aerobic
(founder of Gonsudo aerobic, vice president and president of this body)

05,16 held the 4th international aerobic championship and married national women's aerobic contest (Chung-buk gym.)
06, 14 held a workshop to mark the '93 world aerobic superstar's visit to Korea
(Cheong-ju Olympic center)
09, 12 gave an aerobic demonstration in Dae-jeon export ( Dae-jeon export)
11, 27 published an aerobic textbook to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the initiation of federation

05, 02 national aerobic contest for the 5th international cup(Cheong-ju art hall)


08, 03 held the '95 national aerobic festival (Shin-heung highschool, Cheong-ju)
12,09 held the'95 national aerobic-loving people's night for needy children (Cheong-ju tourism hotel)

02, 09 held seminars and contests home and abroad
09, 21 held the '96 national aerobic festival, seminar and contest
12,14 held an aerobic loving-people's night for needy children


05, 17 held the '97 national aerobic festival for needy children (IAF training center)
06, 19 held an aerobic and jazz seminar(IAF training center)
09, 01 held an Latinrobic seminar


05, 16 held a Chicagojazz aerobic seminar(IAT training center)
10,11 held a L. A. jazz aerobic seminar


03, 09 held a funk aerobic seminar
08, 05 held a jazzercise seminar

03, 07 held a Latinrobic excercise seminar
11,13 held a salsa dance seminar


05,09 held a belly dance seminar
09,15 held a jazz dance seminar (IAF training center)


03,19 held a jazz exercise seminar

04,31 held a Latin, jazzercise seminar (IAF training center)
11,10 held an international private aerobic general meeting for initiation, and Dr. Eun-ju, Yang named as president

12,01 the international private jazzerciseaerobic federation was approved as a public welfare corporation in accordance with the paragraph 8059, 7182 of presidential decree, the article 36 of enforcement regulation which ministry of culture and tourism, and the article 4 of rules of affiliated body of ministry of culture and tourism office stipulate referring to the establishment and supervision of non-profit corporation.
12, 24 Eun-ju, Yang inaugurated as president of international jazzercise private corporation


01, 05 the international jazzercise corporation registered
01, 05 (registration No. 150121-0005128)
01,07 the international jazzercise corporation approved
01, 07 (registration license No. 301-82-13855)

01,19 applied the international jazzercise aerobic corporation to patent office,
01, 19 (application No. 2004-0000025)
09,12 participated in the 2004 national martial arts, and gave tabo, Latinrobic and jazzercise demonstration
10,10 gave the demonstration for the 88th national sports festival
11,19 held the 2004 international jazzercise, Latinrobic work exhibition