President's career

-graduated from department of dance, Cheong-ju university
-graduated from graduate school, Cheong-ju university
-professor, arts school, Sri Lanka
-received a doctorate of sports
-representative of YANG Korean traditional dance group
-professor in Buddhism graduate course
-held a visiting performance in Southeast Asia
-held an invitation performance by Korean community in Australia
-vice president of international aerobic association
-president of international aerobic federation
-president of international jazzerobic federation
-president of international Latinrobic federation
-president of international jazzdance federation
-head of examination of I.A.F.A
-vice president of Korea body building federation
-aid committee of Hanyang artist association
-founder of Gonsudo aerobic
-Chung-buk branch head of Korea committee of UN world peace educators' international association
-Korea crime prevention national campaign headquarter
-advisory professor of Korea Cairo pratic association
-president of world bodyguard corporation
-auditor of Doryong construction company
-examination committee of world enterprise brand approval association
-advisory committee of Korea sports teacher's association
-president of international jazzercise &aerobic federation

thesis of degree

-A study on the symbolism of Korean Gut dance
-Aerobic for the prevention of backache


-theory of education for aerobic leader
-Aerobic sports and sports massage
-Stretching and study of health
-Exercise treatment of sports massage

-received UN world peace educators prize
-received U.S. president, George W. Bush golden prize