International jazzercise federation

What's jazzercise?
Jazzerercise is a combined word assuming the feature of jazzdance and aerobic exercise. Stemming from jazzdance, it was first begun from the direction of modern dance and art dance regarding dance. The terminology of jazzerexercise came into being in the phase of making it into being publicized. It is called jazzercise when used as a shortened term.

It is an exercise that everybody can easily enjoy. The addition of the basic technique of modern dance and ballet to it makes it possible to combine artistry with movement. It is the jazzercise of International jazzercise federation which was formed from the point of sports anatomy, with modification into various techniques.

The origin of jazzdance is from African dance. And its history can be traced in the aboriginal African dance, or jazzdance showing rapid and powerful movement. It was evolved from the introduction of white culture of European system, that is to say, it was developed with the introduction of the element of classical ballet, and the import of modern dance as well.

This is the beginning of jazzdance, a dance of free position full of dynamic and vitality. Jazzdance includes diverse elements of Latin dance system such as Mambo, Samba, Lumba, and of a Charlton heston who has ever excited the whole American, the modern dance and rap which are inevitable in a show, and of classical ballet, etc. This can be said the flexibility of America as a nation which admits all kinds of things and digests them into their own.

It is a jazzercise sports, or the program that was made from the sports anatomic viewpoint so that everybody can easily enjoy this difficult process. It is jazzercise in English.

The Jazzercise of this federation is produced by the combination of basic technique of jazz, ballet, modern dance, aerobic. Choreographical program is studied in accordance with the norm of health science. Also the programs, in every branch of city and province, home and abroad, are developed in line with I.J.F.A's strict examination norm, and choreographical technique and program assume a little different and various aspect of jazzercise sports.
Jazzercise is but a sports of artistry stressing a sports-anatomic viewpoint, not just a formal work. The federation is making an effort to help increase nation's health and to contribute to the world peace as a body of a leadership education through studying sports-anatomic effect on sports, and developing an easily-accessible program as well.

   International Latinrobic federation


What's Latinrobic?

Latinrobic is a terminology coined from the combination of traditional Litendace and Aerobic. It is the program which enables male and female, young and old to easily access via the combination of two categories. Programmed first domestically, it was made by activating diversely both the study of Latin program and anatomic dynamism with various movements and techniques, with its emphasis on the sports-anatomical viewpoint of technique peculiar to Latin. It is being reformed and exercised through the strict examination of program in every branch of city and province, home and abroad.
To trace its history, since Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba are stemmed from Latin America, and the mother of Jive has its origin in Swing dance from America of North American continent, or the Anglo system, it is classified as Anglo American dance. As having mentioned before, the mother of Paso Doble is One-step-in, or folk dance of Spain, a Latin race. Since Latin dance was derived from different regions respectively, it shows a little glimpse of its regional environment and traits, in which Latin dance can be found stemmed from different system.
As seen in the two examples of English style Latin indoor dance and the Latin dance with the zest which makes body shaken, thrown into the stream of passionate, sweet, light Latin music, the history of development of Latin dance shows it is changeable according to the tendency of environmental factor and geographical trait.
It is a Latinrobic, a sports of new idea, which is produced by approaching the movements of Latin system like this from the standpoint of sports.
As Latinrobic helps mental stability, with the effect of aesthetic sense and balance on muscle, it is the sports which contributes much to relieving stress.
One can easily experience the effect of program, when participating personally in the joyful rhythm and beauty of line.

The movement of stream, which appears in Rmaba, Cha Cha, Cha, Samba, Paso Doble, Jive, gives effect on helping not only the right muscular development requiring equal movement, but also dynamism.

   International taebo federation

What's taebo?

It is a combined terminology, derived from providing dynamism to Taekwondo and boxing. International Taebo Federation runs taekwodno, kickboxing, and Hapktaebo which is added Hapkido with taekwondo, and kickboxing,

Popular among women are Taekwondo and kickboxing, and HapkiTaebo, or the movement provided with the trait of rhythmical rime.
As its characteristics, it has the feature of applying basic technique of Taekwondo such as striking body, defensing face, lowering defence, lateral kicking, rear kicking, and it has not only that of HapkiTaebo mixing the basic technique of kickboxing, but also that of HapkiTaebo combining a variety of Hapkido. For this reason, it is widely used as a good means of self-defence and of diet as well.

It becomes more and more popular among people, and has the tendency of being widely spread, with the wellknown fact that famous Hollywood stars and players maintain their health and keep their bodies in a good shape through Taebo.

It is currently highlighted as a new item as being regarded a well-being sports of new idea in every branch of city and province home and abroad. As hapkitaebo uses a flexible and soft, at the same time, powerful and strong movement, and develops every body parts, with the requirement of exactness, agility, strength of speed, power and control, its effect on exercise is great.
It is the Hapkitaebo that fills and generates energy in every part of body, while developing equally the whole muscular systems.
As it is almost near the aerobic exercise, it is effective in prevention of adults disease and on diet, while burning fat.
It is a sports, just a Hapkitaebo, which, in mental aspects, enables one to have self-confidence, tenacity, with the relief of stress. And it helps change one's character into courageous one with a positive thinking to recover one's psychological stability.
In the world, Taebo was first demonstrated on Nov. 2004 under the leadership of president of federation, Eun-ju, Yang. This sports provides the rhythmical dynamism and strong power with the application of the basic technique of martial arts.

   International aerobic federation

What is Aerobic?

It is an aerobic exercise, one of the basic exercises being practised all over the world.

Started in 1983 and led by the federation(I.J.F.A), it has produced many leaders up to now.
It has maintained its firm position as a living sports. Its course was established in social sports department of every university throughout the nation. Now, there is no one knows Aerobic, anywhere.
There are very diverse Aerobics for child(child gymnastic), youth, 20s, women, pregnant women, career women, and the stretching aerobic for the elderly, the invalid, etc. It is the reality that a lot of Aerobics are being produced in the course of being specified and classified, while assuming diversity.
As a kind of Aerobic, this federation showed the exercise of aerobic into which traditional folk dance was modified.

It is the very federation that shows the Korean folk mask dance-applied folk aerobic.
It is also this federation that produced the living aerobic by applying the Japanese Gongsudo(Japanese Garadae), and made a highly-difficult program through the choreographical technique. First seminar on aerobic, whose program was developed in the federation, has been first held in the world. That attempt has not ever been made even in Japan, a home land of Gongsudae.

From long time ago, Jazzdance and Chicago jazz were activated in the program of federation, which is now more specified and professionalized.
In the phase of changing a ceremonious dance and various traditional dance in every nation of the world into aerobic, different sports program is being made respectively. And the plan of federation is to produce various aerobic programs by showcasing effectively the feature of the dance and sports-anatomic aspect.
Diversity is to be betrayed in aerobics as in belly aerobic, Latinaerobic, Hapkiaerobic, Taebo, Hippop, Jazzercise, stretching, Yoga-aerobic, Salsa aerobic, and Korean music-applying traditional dance aerobic.
Stage-applying technique is being introduced into it, and technique of choreography is studied and programmed from the sports-anatomic aspect. while being executed through the strict investigation norm.

   International stretching federation

What is stretching?

Stretching is the one that enhances the flexibility of muscle, along with the prevention of injury. It is at once a partial sports and essential program that a beginner and even a professional should necessarily practise at the beginning and the end of the exercise.

As it has a tendency to be professionalized according to the current situation, this federation regards it as a compulsory course.

The federation set up the leadership course for stretching, which helps increase the degree of strength and flexibility of muscle, prevent the injury which happens in time of the exercise and aerobic, and during the medical treatment for injury. On the other hand, it provides the program studied from the angle of sports anatomy for member so that everybody can enjoy it, regardless of a professional, or a beginner.

This program is operated by the trainer who has gone through the strict examination at the educational center in every branch of city and province, home and abroad. And it is an open educational program everybody can get an easy access, and if one were a member of this federation, one should take this course, because it is compulsory.

   International jazzdance federation

What's jazzdance?

Jazz is very diverse. One can take a short glimpse of the variety of jazz in modern jazz, Chicago jazz, Comic jazz, Jazz ballet, Musical jazz, Latin jazz, African jazz, etc.

Composition of line is free, though rule exists, and the degree of difficulty is high.
Jazz, including every element, is a dance expressing one's feeling freely to jazz music. Thus, only the refined technique and high-degree training course and practice can make it possible for one to adapt the technique of jazz dance to his own so as to express his feeling with a bodily representation, or being able to give a performance.

Only all that can to be found are the techniques of ballet, modern dance, tribe dance, tap dance, which were transformed into jazz rhythm and its style,
Starting from a bar is the standard of classical ballet practise, and some teachers begin class with stretching for warming-up, with the application of the basis of modern dance.
In that case, basic technique of peculiar movement of dance is to be revived and given its meaning. People especially expect the isolation when watching jazz.
It is because, jazzdance, in one aspect, keeps muscle and physical frame moving smoothly, and, in other aspect, makes artistry and high-degree technique represented and depicted in the movement of muscles and joints respectively, which revives the stage-using technique with creativity.


   International nightdance federation

What's nightdance?

It is defined as a dance which general people can enjoy at night.
Namely, it is but an easy and interesting dance for general people to practise, not just for a professional.
It is a dance of new genre, or an easily-applied one that everybody, young and old, male and female can enjoy at night club, singing room, gatherings and other occasions, etc.

In this connection, the one with no knowledge of this at least can easily learn it.
Night dance includes all kinds of dances such as general night dance, techodance, night style Latin dance, restoration dance, disco dance, etc., which, in fact, everybody uses easily.

The feature of nightdance is the one to be enjoyable in a limited space, or on-the spot dance, and a type of dance repeating the same movement several times. It is rapidly influenced by the current trend, compared with other type of dance, and if any type of dance were seemingly performed well, showing one's own style, following the basic frame of dance, it can be a nightdance. And though it is the dance that one can enjoy with others, it has the function of increasing not only one's charm and refined figure, but also satisfaction to ease one's stress as well.

   International diet federation

What's diet dance?

It can be said dietdance is a kind of diet using a dance as a means of exercise to lose weight.
Thus, it is a functional dance to control weight. As the dietdance is interesting, and more enjoyable than other sports, it can help not only lose weight, but also relieve stress greatly.
Exercising a diet dance for 40 minutes leads to consuming about 3000 calories. Also, as dietdance begins with the gradual movement and stretch, everybody can learn it easily. In the first trial, body will not move well, with body stiffened, but as the time passes by, every movement becomes natural, and everybody can easily enjoy sports, which helps strengthen lung, heart, and muscle, not to mention metabolism. In this connection, it can be enjoyed fully to music.

The feature of dietdance is to make all parts of body soft, and keeps them moving equally from head to toes.
Exercising both dietdance and jazzdance together will be very effective.

   Stipulation on branch offices in every city and province

Chapter one general rule

Article 1 - the aim of this rule is to stipulate the basic affairs referring to organization, management of every branch office in city and province.
Article 2 - in principle, headquarters of every city and province shall be located in every city hall and provincial office.

Chapter two. right and obligation

Article 3 - every branch office of city and province has the following right regarding this federation.

1. it is to propose and request to the federation.
2. it is to participate in the businesses which federation approves.
3. it is to host, manage and support the businesses which federation approves.

Article 4 -every branch of city and province shall have the following obligation referring to this federation.

1. it is to abide by the article of stipulation, and approved instructions.
2. business plan and budget bill of revenue and expenditure are to be reported to federation. One is to become a member in case of getting a ratification from federation.
3. regulation for federation shall be approved.

Chapter 3. organization and officer

Article 5- personnel (1 head of branch, 1 educating director, some leaders)

1. 1. branch heads in every city and province shall be the one, who is currently running a gymnasium. He has the qualification to be recommended by federation member, and to be named by chairman.
2. branch head is to take charge of the education center head, whose duty is the same as that of branch head.
3. leader is to be recommended by education center head as the one who has finished required training, and gotten required qualification.

Chapter 4 affiliated branch meeting

Article 6- branch meeting is to be set up under the umbrella of federation
1. each branch meeting is to be set up according to each unit of Gu district office and county office.
2 each education center head of affiliated branch office is under the command of the headquarter of central federation.

Article 7- each meeting of affiliated branch office is made up of the individuals or the groups pertinent to each paragraph as follows.
1. leader(center head) is to be approved by federation not only as the one with abundant experience, understanding of sports and virtue, but also as the one living within the concerning district.
2.district unit sports organization, and sports organization of school which are affiliated to federation.
Article 8. - each affiliated branch meeting is to discuss the following affairs.
1. education and training performed by federation
2. activation of organization in each district and its development
3. various events for the enhancement of organization, and the instructions from central federation.
Article 9. - the management, the organization of branch meeting under the umbrella of federation is to follow the article of federation, or branch office in city and province.
article 10- education center in foreign branch office is to be set up, if required for the execution of business and the purpose of federation. The affairs on management and organization should get approved from federation, irregardless of regulations, following the real state appropriate to the district concerned.
Article 11- the head of branch office in federation is to take two-year office term.
consecutive taking office term is possible through the decision of the board of trustee of federation. But in case of reappointment, registration fee to branch office is free.

Chapter 5 additional rule

The affairs, which can't be applied to other regulations and articles of federation, not stipulated in this rule, are to be provisioned exceptionally.
Article 13 - this regulation takes effect from on December 25, 2003.

required documents in setting up a branch office and a branch meeting

『 1 registration application to branch office and branch meeting(a form of federation)
『1 resume
『 1 latest academic performance testimony
『 1 rental contract of gymnasium(copy)
『 1 report license of sports facility business (copy)
『 1 registration license for businessman(copy)
『 registration fee to branch office

special merit in setting up branch office and branch meeting

『 letter of nomination
『various licenses executed by federation
『 dispatch of leader
『work exhibition every month
『 free law consultation concerning sports