Stipulation on branch offices in every city and province

Chapter one general rule

Article 1 - the aim of this rule is to stipulate the basic affairs referring to organization, management of every branch office in city and province.
Article 2 - in principle, headquarters of every city and province shall be located in every city hall and provincial office.

Chapter two. right and obligation

Article 3 - every branch office of city and province has the following right regarding this federation.

1. it is to propose and request to the federation.
2. it is to participate in the businesses which federation approves.
3. it is to host, manage and support the businesses which federation approves.

Article 4 -every branch of city and province shall have the following obligation referring to this federation.

1. it is to abide by the article of stipulation, and approved instructions.
2. business plan and budget bill of revenue and expenditure are to be reported to federation. One is to become a member in case of getting a ratification from federation.
3. regulation for federation shall be approved.

Chapter 3. organization and officer

Article 5- personnel (1 head of branch, 1 educating director, some leaders)

1. 1. branch heads in every city and province shall be the one, who is currently running a gymnasium. He has the qualification to be recommended by federation member, and to be named by chairman.
2. branch head is to take charge of the education center head, whose duty is the same as that of branch head.
3. leader is to be recommended by education center head as the one who has finished required training, and gotten required qualification.

Chapter 4 affiliated branch meeting

Article 6- branch meeting is to be set up under the umbrella of federation
1. each branch meeting is to be set up according to each unit of Gu district office and county office.
2 each education center head of affiliated branch office is under the command of the headquarter of central federation.

Article 7- each meeting of affiliated branch office is made up of the individuals or the groups pertinent to each paragraph as follows.
1. leader(center head) is to be approved by federation not only as the one with abundant experience, understanding of sports and virtue, but also as the one living within the concerning district.
2.district unit sports organization, and sports organization of school which are affiliated to federation.
Article 8. - each affiliated branch meeting is to discuss the following affairs.
1. education and training performed by federation
2. activation of organization in each district and its development
3. various events for the enhancement of organization, and the instructions from central federation.
Article 9. - the management, the organization of branch meeting under the umbrella of federation is to follow the article of federation, or branch office in city and province.
article 10- education center in foreign branch office is to be set up, if required for the execution of business and the purpose of federation. The affairs on management and organization should get approved from federation, irregardless of regulations, following the real state appropriate to the district concerned.
Article 11- the head of branch office in federation is to take two-year office term.
consecutive taking office term is possible through the decision of the board of trustee of federation. But in case of reappointment, registration fee to branch office is free.

Chapter 5 additional rule

The affairs, which can't be applied to other regulations and articles of federation, not stipulated in this rule, are to be provisioned exceptionally.
Article 13 - this regulation takes effect from on December 25, 2003.

required documents in setting up a branch office and a branch meeting

『 1 registration application to branch office and branch meeting(a form of federation)
『1 resume
『 1 latest academic performance testimony
『 1 rental contract of gymnasium(copy)
『 1 report license of sports facility business (copy)
『 1 registration license for businessman(copy)
『 registration fee to branch office

special merit in setting up branch office and branch meeting

『 letter of nomination
『various licenses executed by federation
『 dispatch of leader
『work exhibition every month
『 free law consultation concerning sports